Niamh is an International Speaker, Storyteller, Transformational Coach, Facilitator and Founder of Attuneme ™


Niamh ignites a greater capacity in individuals, entrepreneurs, coaches, executives, and communities to live and lead more consciously and effectively in harmony with nature.

She facilitates powerful leadership initiations for courageous leaders and individuals who are ready to embark on an evolutionary journey to activate their unique leadership signature, expand their conscious awareness and awaken

to heightened states of heart centered intelligence and potential.

She does through facilitating tailored transformational initiations and experiences, coaching programs for individuals, groups and organisations, facilitation of experiential workshops, events and retreats and offering her expertise through global leadership initiatives.

She utilises a powerful vibrational and transformational modality Attuneme™ in her work with others to create deep physical, mental, emotional and cellular change.

She is also a facilitator of collective attunements and global meditations, host of her very own podcast "Attune To Your True Nature" and creative vibrational artist.


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There is an intelligence that connects us to all of life and this same intelligence is what allows our hearts to beat and lungs to breathe.

It is a field of energy that connects us to all living things.

We are living in a time right now where our awareness of this intelligence is awakening within us and as we learn how to unravel from the conditional and societal matrixes we will remember how to live and lead in harmony with this creative field of energy once again.   

Many are feeling called to remember how to work with the intrinsic "lores" of nature and to enhance their capacity to live and lead more effectively and harmoniously. 

This work is for courageous individuals who are ready to embark on a deeper initiation/journey of self realisation so they can..

  • Awaken to their inherent wisdom 

  • Activate their intuitive intelligence

  • Expand their conscious awareness

  • Strengthen emotional and energetic resilience 

  • Experience True Personal Freedom (living outside societal, cultural and conditional matrixes)

  • Access heightened (yet natural) states of creativity and potential.

  • Live, Lead and Give wholeheartedly and harmoniously

  • Be initiated into deeper levels of self sovereignty and learn how to personally navigate reality (life) creatively and with discernment.

  • Create life consciously and in harmony with natural lore.

  • Connect with the natural abundance

  • Connect with your own personal inner guidance system

“Through Niamh's leadership, I felt held without being "led", I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt valued, I felt loved, I felt met. Few people alive today can both surrender and hold space for the high-vibration frequency required for this work. Niamh can and does ~ with grace and humility. I am forever grateful for the experience and for Niamh's loving service in the world.” 

—  Holly McCann

Founder of Grail Leadership

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